Albums "Empreinte et partance" [Publié le 2013-08-27 16:39:28]

 Julien Boulier, "Empreinte" and "Partance"

Tags : film, emotional, classical chillout, score, imaginary

This musician, an old favorite of mine, having constructed some of the most beautiful music on Jamendo, has come back with two new albums ! Each of these 17 track productions are over 60 minutes long and composed of more of his exceptional, finely composed, creative music . . . They are without a doubt, beautiful and full of visions, heart touching, emotional, and quiet. This is music to dream to, travel with, and listen through during tender moments. . . These pieces are sometimes classical, sometimes exotically world, but always alluring and strikingly exquisite . . .. The 13th track, "Empreintes Fantomes" on the album, "Partance" just absolutely humbled me. Those moving, African vocals so soothing to my soul.

The sounds, melodies, vocals, instruments (whether piano or steel drums), tempos, and white spaces are all used, like color, to paint broad vista sensations over the soul of the listener. This is music that works best during those quiet moments . . . when you wish to dream and touch the celestial places with your vision and heart . . . and I promise that you will find the wings to float with the angels . . . 

P.S. Today I am going to download all this man’s music . . . because, well, because I am greedy . . . . and there is not one tune of his that I don’t enjoy, or that I don’t marvel over !


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