Tellement nous ’ de là [Publié le 2016-12-24 21:49:13]


Tellement nous ’ de là

de Julien Boulier
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enregistré à Cologne le 25 décembre 2016 à Cologne Porz Wahn
I wish the best to all my family , friends, colleagues, and artist correspondents I have begun to meet during all these 10 years of composition. So I have to say you something.
I’m in Köln actually to write the demands of aids I will post for my album projects with my travels music and independant artists correspondents in the future. I decided to continue in the same mood of these 10 last years of compositions . I am very well in my piano job teacher and meet people who are independant artists is the best way to inspire me, with photography, walks in the nature, invite friends of Brest to appreciate cooking or discover restaurants together sometimes. I want to stay independant artist for make my own albums with a mood of no stress which is the best way to compose for me to feel free in my artist life. Go and see my correspondents, my family sometimes too, and invite them to walk somewhere together, discover a town we don’t know or we want discover better. So I write these days in Köln different demands of aids to perform and realise some of my collaborations in the future with studios to pay, making vinyles to pay, travels to pay, etc and program scores that I can send to you in pdf before I can obtain real aids for recording in studios ... but I can decide to come and see you or invite you some of my week-ends too without an official music project, just for the pleasure to have a good time. A film where I compose a original BO, OK and perhaps so with the ethic of Gabriel Yared wich is our president du jury in MAI this year : discuss and meet the producer in reality before to sign a pre-contrat or a contrat. Have a very good Christmas day, and a wonderful new year soon. Julien


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