Mused British Council : music education, collaboration, outreach... [Publié le 2004-05-18 00:49:21]

Britain is a leader in the field of education and community outreach work in all artforms, but particularly in classical and contemporary music. It has become increasingly common for musicians on British Council projects to become involved in various types of educational and collaborative activity in addition to concert performances : whether in the form of creative workshops, masterclasses, individual coaching or jam sessions with local musicians.

The main purpose of this work is to increase the longer-term impact of the British Council’s music programme through cultural exchange, skill-sharing and training. Given the wealth and expertise of individuals and specialist ensembles working in this field, it makes sense for the British Council to exploit this resource, particularly in countries where "in and out" performance tours by musicians are inappropriate or unlikely to meet the British Council’s objectives. Educational and collaborative ventures are also valuable tools for the British Council in the process of contact-making and profile-raising and in the building of enduring partnerships with local arts organisations.

This section offers a representative snapshot of this work and it is in no way intended to be an exhaustive map of activity. By featuring these edited highlights, we merely offer examples of good practice across the broadest range of activity in the UK.



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